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Water Softener Salt Tablets

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  • Complies with EU Standard EN 973 Type A and has the highest purity level
  • Highly soluble, ensuring there is no residue left in the brine tank. It dissolves efficiently, preventing clogs and maintaining the softening process
  • Reinforced vacuum packaging does not allow moisture and provides long-term storage
  • Supplied in the form of tablets conveniently packaged in 25 kg bags

Why Choose eSoft Salt Tablets?

Water softener salt is needed to clean and recharge the softener`s resin beads, allowing them to continue removing hardness minerals from water effectively and prevent limescale buildup in your plumbing and appliances. By investing in quality softening salt, your water softening system will work more efficiently and last longer.

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eSoft softener salt is compatible with all softener brands for use in private homes, hotels and restaurants, hospitals, cleaning facilities and launderettes etc.




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