What is eSoft?

eSoft, developed by EPS Group, stands as a premier line of domestic water softeners meticulously designed for the discerning homeowner. Our commitment to excellence is rooted in the valuable feedback from our customers and end users, inspiring us to create a water softener that epitomizes reliability and durability.

Exclusively utilizing top-tier components, the eSoft range undergoes production and rigorous testing at our state-of-the-art assembly facility in Mallow, Co Cork. Our highly skilled assembly crew ensures that each eSoft unit is a testament to quality, featuring a certified valve control, NSF-certified ion exchange resin, and a cabinet sourced locally for a touch of authenticity.

Choose eSoft for a water softener that not only meets but exceeds the highest standards, promising a lasting solution for your domestic water treatment needs.

Volumetric water softener with integral water meter.

Programmable regeneration cycle times.

Lithium battery back-up during power outages.

Most reliable controller on the market today.

Volumetric water softener with integral water meter.

Integral bypass for servicing.

Extremely efficient regeneration cycles.

Lower salt usage due to proportional brining.

Benefits of soft water

Baths, shower enclosures and sinks are no longer stained by mineral deposits

Usage and spend on detergents and shampoos is reduced by up to 50%

Usage and spend on detergents and shampoos is reduced by up to 50%

Energy bills can be reduced by at least 10%

Hair feels softer and clothes are softer and brighter as a result of using soft water

Time is saved cleaning and no need to use harsh detergents

People with eczema and other skin conditions have seen significant improvements

Water usage during regeneration is reduced with eSoft

Frequently asked questions

Top of the range softener for customers who are looking for a reliable, robust system to give years of soft water. With the Clack WS1 valve the eSoft PRO softener is the most reliable system on the market today.

A high quality, reliable softener for customers who are looking for an affordably priced system. The eSOft ECO softener combines upflow regeneration with precision brining to offer homeowners significant salt and water savings each year. These softeners are perfect for home and small business owners looking for a softener that’s efficient, environmentally friendly and saves them money every year.

The simplest place to install a water softener is as close to where the mains water enters the home as possible. Often water softeners are fitted into kitchen cupboards because that’s where the mains water enters the home. However, an expert advisor can recommend where best to install the water softener, whether that’s the kitchen, utility room, basement, or the garage.pulvinar dapibus leo.

All eSoft softeners use tablet salt. This is widely available through retail outlets, builders/plumbers merchants or garden centres. It comes in 10kg or 25kg bags. Recommended brands are Ecosil, Broxo or Axal Pro.

A water softener uses salt and water to carry out its cleaning process (regeneration or recharge).  As a guide an average family could use 8-10 bags of 25kg of salt a year, which is approximately €80-100 a year.

A water softener is a long term investment and can last up to 15 years or more. Like any other mechanical item your water softener will need annual servicing to ensure a long operating lifetime.

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